Terms of Warranty

1-) The warranty period of our products starts beginning from the delivery time of the good and it is valid for two (2) years.

2-) In case the delivered product does not match with the features stated at the time of ordering, the period for objection and demand for the accurate product is ten (10) days beginning from the delivery date. In case no objection and demand is made within this period, the product delivered would be considered as accepted. In case the objection is accepted, the product should be sent to our institution in ten (10) days beginning from the delivery date. As a result of the examination of our experts, if it is reported that the product is not used at all and there is no failure caused by the customer, the product demanded at the time of ordering would be sent to the customer. The delivery period of the replaced product to the customer is maximum three (3) months beginning from the delivery of the wrong product to our institution.

3-) The technical information about the product is available in the ''Product Identity'' section of this operating manual.

4-) In case the photocopies of the Certificate – Letter and Invoice are not submitted with the defective – faulty product, the objections and demands are not taken into consideration and no transaction about the product is made.

5-) Our products, when a defect and failure occur, is sent by a medium of shipment demanded by the customer such as cargo, post. Our institution is not responsible for any failure and defect occurring during shipment.

6-) The whole product including all the parts is under warranty of our Company. The failures and defects which are caused by the user as a result of usage contrary to terms of conservation, maintenance and operating manual are excluded from warranty coverage.

7-) In case the product breaks down within the warranty period, the time of repair is added to warranty period. The repair time of the product is 20 workdays. This period starts beginning from the time the product reaches to the service station. The customer cannot make the failure reporting by a medium like telephone, fax, e-mail, registered and reply paid letter or the like. It becomes definite whether the failures and defects occurring on our products are included in the warranty period only via the report submitted by after-sales service and quality control experts of our institution.

8-) In case a product the warranty period of which is expired breaks down or requires maintenance, the time needed for repair and maintenance of the product is evaluated by expert personnel and the customer is informed.

9-) In case the product breaks down, within the warranty period, because of both material, workmanship and mounting failures, the repair will be made by our Institution without demanding any charge under the name of labor cost, charge of replaced part or any other charges.

10-) In case the product, although the consumer uses his/her right of maintenance;

- Beginning from the date it was delivered to the user, provided that it is within the fixed warranty period, breaks down at least four times in a year or more than six times within the warranty period fixed by the manufacturer-producer as well as these failures makes it continuous to not being able to use the product,

- In case maximum 20 workdays of repair period is exceeded,

- In case it is specified by the report to be prepared by the service station of the company that the repair of the failure is not possible, the customer can demand the replacement of the product without any payment or refund of payment or discount in the price of the product in proportion to the failure.

11-) The failures resulting from the use of product contrary to the statements stated in the operating manual are not covered by the warranty.

12-) Warnings related to the dangerous or harmful situations to human and environmental health at the time of use of our products are included in this operating manual.

13-) According to the 23.02.1995 dated and 4077 numbered law about the Protection of Customers, its physical life is ten (10) years.

14-) It is possible to consult The Ministry of Customs and Trade General Directorate of Protection of Customers and Market Surveillance about problems likely to occur regarding the Warranty Certificate.